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Affordable Cleaners Service for Regular Domestic Cleaning in Liverpool by Gene's Window Cleaners

Get the Standards You Deserve for Liverpool Domestic Cleaning From Gene's Window Cleaners

In order to make sure you get the quality you'd expect from professional house cleaners, all domestics undergo a period of initial training. There's also a quality monitoring regime in place. Every cleaner's work is checked thorough in an on-the-spot visit at least once a fortnight. Your service is also covered by insurance.

What to Expect From Your Home Cleaning Service

Expect to see a difference after your very first session, and to enjoy a home that gets cleaner over time. The time you've booked will always be used to full advantage.

Your Liverpool domestic will start with any job that you've identified as top priority for that session, then move on to the chores that always need doing - cleaning and polishing sinks, baths or showers, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, cleaning kitchen white goods or dusting, for example.

With the routine chores out of the way, other jobs that need doing less frequently will come next. Cleaning internal windows, deep cleaning kitchen appliances, or emptying out store cupboards to wipe inside them will be completed on a rotational basis.

Your cleaner will work with your usual cleaning products if that's what you want, or you can request a package of top quality eco-friendly detergents. Washing up or laundry services can be incorporated into your session - you've paid for the time so it's up to you to define the jobs you'd like done.

Book House Cleaners as Often As You Need Them

  • Choose a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly service - your regular cleaners in Liverpool will adapt to your schedule
  • Get your maid to come at the time of day that suits you - appointments are available from 7.30 am though to 6 pm
  • For consistency, you'll generally get the same cleaner at every visit. If they're away we'll arrange replacement cover
  • Use us for your general cleaning and for more specialist services too - window cleaning and external wall cleaning for instance
  • Use our one off cleaning option if you'd like to check our standards before setting up regular appointments

If there's one thing most home owners would like to do less of - it's housework! Call Gene's Window Cleaners for regular domestic cleaning in Liverpool and you get to give up the dull jobs and make time for the things you'd like to do more of. You'll be sure of reference vetted, trained, and supervised maids who give of their best at every session, and you'll pay a very fair rate for a service that's designed to offer you both flexibility and reliability.

Get the prices for domestic cleaners in Liverpool by calling us right now on 0151 673 0178. Alternatively, leave your details on our contact form and we'll get back to you.