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Professional Standards in Liverpool Window Cleaning by Gene's Window Cleaners

Your cleaners in Liverpool are trained and experienced professionals who're certified by the British Window Cleaning Academy. Your technicians will arrive in a branded van, they'll be uniformed and carrying ID, and their services are covered by full insurance.

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  • Use our 24/7 contact line or get in touch via this site to get an exact fixed price for your window cleaners
  • We also offer services at the weekends, and same day services are often available
  • Book a cleaning package by adding spring cleaning or external facade cleaning to your window cleaners' work and you might be offered a discount!
  • Your window cleaners work from ground level - this speeds things up, keeps costs down, and it's safer
  • By using distilledwater we eliminate the need for detergents, you get a deeply-clean, smear-free finish, and it's environmentally friendly too

What Makes These Window Cleaning Services Better

This modern approach to delivering window cleaning brings a number of advantages. Working from the ground is quicker and safer, and the use of distilled water gives a deeper clean, leaving the glass resistant to dirt becoming attached in the future.

When the cleaners arrive they'll attach a hose from the water tank to the pole and brush used for cleaning. Water is pumped up and brushed across the glass to lift dirt, then a second pass across the window rinses grime away. When accessible, PVC frames and stills are cleaned at the same time as the glass.

Water-fed pole cleaning isn't suitable for every window. When your property is more than 4 storeys high, or there's no access to the windows or parking nearby the premises, your window cleaners will use a more conventional technique to clean your windows.

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